Regional General Manager – Southeast

When he’s not spending quality time with his wife and three daughters, helping out with coaching kids sports, or doing all things outdoors, Brandon is a hard-working and driven member of the Colt team. He began his framing career during high school, working for his father’s framing business. After attending York Technical Institute, where he received an Associates Degree in Specialized Business, Brandon worked in Information Systems & Technology before starting his own framing and remodeling business. After getting a good 15 year taste of owning his own construction company, in 2015, he took the opportunity to work in the Estimating Department of Colt Builders. This Maryland native soon found himself in Project Management for Colt, moving through the states of Washington, Maine, Florida, the Mid-Atlantic, and now as RGM of the Southeast.

Safety Credentials: CPR/First Aid, OSHA 30, STSC
Senior Project Manager – Mid-Atlantic

Mike is a construction and development professional with 20+ years experience in all areas of the industry. He takes a results-oriented and hands-on approach. He has strong team-building and leadership abilities as well as a great track record for successful completion of projects, where he believes in maintaining costs while getting the job done on time. With his dedication, he has built positive rapport with local officials, architects, engineers, vendors and clients. Mike is STSC certified, and his expertise not only includes safety, but also contract negotiations, document preparation, building codes, regulations, and site management. His commitment to safety goes even beyond his hours spent on the job with Colt Builders, he is an EMT, Fire Fighter, and Search and Rescue Team Member. He holds FEMA certifications in several key National Incident Management areas.

Safety Credentials: CPR/First Aid, OSHA 10, SMS
Project Manager – Mid-Atlantic

Based out of the Mid Atlantic Region, Matt has worked his way through the construction industry ranks, landing comfortably into a Project Manager role with Colt Builders in 2018. He was groomed for the job as early as childhood, when he would help out with clean-up at his fathers job sites. Matt’s willingness to work hard, physical labor doesn’t stop at the job site – in his free time, he also enjoys fishing, dirt biking and mountain biking.

Safety Credentials: OSHA 30
Project Manager – Mid-Atlantic

The world of construction started revolving for Cody in the form of working for a small residential framing contractor over 15 years ago. Beginning his Colt Builders career in 2017, he has brought valuable insight and knowledge to his position and support of his team in our Mid-Atlantic region. Cody is married and has one daughter, and one on the way! He loves all things outdoors, especially bow hunting.

Safety Credentials: CPR/First Aid, OSHA 30
Project Manager – Mid-Atlantic

As Pennsylvania native, Thomas attended Penn State University, and his knowledge in wood products is valued here at Colt Builders. He has been in the construction industry for over 10 years, starting with working on single family framing projects. For over four years now, Thomas has worked for Colt Builders, making his way to his current Project Manager position. Though life on the job site is bustling, he still finds time to do the things he loves; hunting, kayaking & hiking for a breath of fresh air.

Safety Credentials: CPR/First Aid, OSHA 30, STSC
Project Manager – Southeast

Lance was raised in VA with a father who is a construction business owner, giving him an early start on the appreciation of building construction. This, paired with a background in graphic design, he also recognizes and appreciates the art of what we do as builders. Lance has been with Colt Builders since 2015 in the Eastern United States, and is now working as a Project Manager to help build our Southeast region to its fullest potential. When he isn’t on the job site, you may find him in the woods biking and/or hiking in his free time.
Project Manager – Southeast

When building is considered a family tradition, you know there is passion in it. Carl became familiar with construction job sites from a very young age, helping out where he could. After high school, he started his career in multi-family construction. As a foreman of a wood framing crew, Carl learned as he went, making his way to a position in Project Management for Colt Builders. He states that he ‘loves to lead men & women toward a common goal, reminding them with a pat on the back, and a reminder daily how much we appreciate the work they do towards that common goal.’ To each of many projects he has worked on, Carl has brought careful consideration towards learning, quality, safety and relationship building. We are happy to have him as a part of our team, building up the Southeast region.
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