Consent To Proceed Electronically – New Applicants

Using an internet browser, you can complete, review and print documents signed electronically. If you have any trouble with this process, please contact Paulette Jensen, Human Resources Manager, at (801) 365-0999.

Before Colt Builders Corp (“Colt”) can accept your electronic signature for personnel documents and agreements related to your employment or prospective employment, you should be aware of the following information and must affirmatively agree to the following:

  1. If you proceed, you are agreeing to complete forms electronically.
  2. Your responses to all questions throughout the electronic process will be recorded and made part of your electronically signed documents and employment record.
  3. You have the option to complete this process using the traditional paper and signature method. You must contact Paulette Jensen, Human Resources Manager, at (801) 365-0999 or if you wish to sign your documents and agreements in ink. Please note, if you elect to utilize the traditional paper and signature process, it will slow the speed at which we can complete steps in the employment or prospective employment process.
  4. To use this process, please fill out the sections at the bottom of this page and click submit. Once your account is approved, you will be able to log-in and proceed with filling out our documents and agreements.
  5. You acknowledge that it is a violation of Colt policy to execute a document with an electronic signature of someone other than yourself which could result in non-hire, discipline, or termination.
  6. You have the right to request an electronic or paper copy of any documents you signed electronically at any time from our Human Resources department.
  7. You may choose to have an electronic copy of all signed personnel-related documents emailed to you at the time of completion by clicking the check box at the bottom of the screen for “email me a copy” before clicking “submit.”
  8. You have read and agree with the attached verification and security procedures (Privacy Policy) adopted by Colt.

By completing the information below and clicking “Accept,” you acknowledge and agree to all of the following:

  • I have read and understand the foregoing material;
  • I agree to proceed with using my electronic signature to sign personnel-related documents and agreements and realize this process affects substantial personal rights;
  • I agree that my electronic signature is the equivalent of my manual signature and that Colt may rely on it as such in connection with all agreements I may enter into with Colt and any documents I electronically sign for Colt;
  • I agree that my electronic signature in this process will consist of my typed name and Colt will accept this;
  • I acknowledge and agree that it is my obligation to immediately advise Colt of any change in my email address by sending an email to Paulette Jensen, Human Resources Manager, at (801) 365-0999 or and include in the body of the email my previous and new email addresses;
  • I have access to the necessary hardware and software to complete the electronic signature process;
  • I acknowledge and agree that it is my obligation to immediately advise Colt in the event that I withdraw my consent to use electronic means to sign personnel documents and agreements (if applicable) by sending and email with my withdrawal request to Paulette Jensen, Human Resources Manager, at (801) 365-0999 or
  • I agree that if I withdraw my consent, any documents I electronically signed prior to Colt receiving notification of my withdrawal will be considered validly executed and the withdrawal of my consent does not apply retroactively;
  • I acknowledge and agree that the various security and verification procedures adopted by Colt in it’s Privacy Policy, applies to the documents that I will affix my electronic signature and constitute reasonable and secure security procedures and that all such signatures are attributable to me;
  • I acknowledge and agree that in the event that any person known to me (whether it be a family member, member of my household, or otherwise) misappropriates any of the security devices connected with my Colt login/email/electronic signature account and such misappropriation could not be reasonably detected by Colt, Colt shall have the right to treat all resulting electronic signatures as though they were affixed by the person whose name is typed below;
  • I acknowledge and agree that the individual completing this Consent to Proceed Electronically is the individual whose name appears on the email account associated with the Consent and whose name is typed below.

If you understand, accept and agree to the policies, terms and conditions set out above, then complete the information below. Additionally, completing this information allows you to request an account through which to submit a job application. Please remember the email and password you entered for future use if hired.
Then click “Accept” to proceed to the next section of the personnel documents and agreements process. By typing your name below, you understand your typed name will be recorded as your electronic signature and will be relied upon by Colt to the same extent as if you had signed this consent in ink.

If you DO NOT understand or accept or agree to the policies, terms and conditions set out above, then click the “Decline” button and you will exit this process.