Prefabrication & Stick Framing


Our specialties include multi-family projects, retirement communities, townhomes, hotels, student housing, and podium style apartment complexes. Colt is experienced in Type V and newer Type III construction and can provide design recommendations for either type. Whichever type of construction or building, Colt can perform either stick-framed or wall panel built structures. Please contact us to discuss the pros and cons of stick-framed vs. wall panels.

Framing is evolving. What was once considered a non-tech field is becoming more and more sophisticated. Over the last decade, hardware, hold down and shear requirements have resulted in more complicated plans and more details that need to followed with precision. Framers who don’t learn ways of implementing these requirements miss critical details and can’t keep up. Colt’s team of experienced framers knows how important it is to have a plan in place and dedicated crews so that hardware is installed per plan and on time.

Buildings are changing also. Along with hardware requirements, structural designs now allow wood buildings to reach 5 and even 6 stories tall. This requires another level of sophistication as coordination with other trades becomes more important with higher buildings. Colt’s ability to coordinate with other trades allows us to minimize mistakes and make sure when trades enter the building, studs, joists, etc. are located in a way that allows them to complete their work.
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