Our ‘Culture’ as a company is what makes us stronger.

With a heart for adventure and growth, we uphold our culture to these guidelines:

“Building Up; Building Better; Building Beyond.” 
“Together, we achieve so much more.”
“Everyone adding value to achieve our vision.”
“Doing what’s right even when it’s hard.”
“The will to win; the desire to succeed.”
“Be clear, positive, precise & thoughtful.”
“We build it like we own it.”
We believe in building up structures, people & communities – and that includes our team of valued Colt Builders employees.
We appreciate those who have been with us over mountains and through valleys, showing their commitment to our team.

We asked a few of our team members who have been with us since the beginning:

“What keeps you coming into work everyday after all these years of being committed to Colt Builders?“


“I look forward to each day at Colt Builders for many reasons – I enjoy the people I work with, the opportunities to support and learn, and take pride in sharing the culture of our company. We truly are a work family that I look forward to working with each day. The culture of the company and management allows for continued growth and excellence on a personal level, throughout the company, and in the communities we work in. I am grateful for future opportunities, and for the many years I have been with Colt Builders – looking forward to many more!”


“Thank you for asking why I have stayed with Colt Builders all these years. It’s an easy question to answer. I was treated with fairness and respect. I was made to feel valued and appreciated. My concerns were taken into consideration and that made me feel part of the Company. My contributions were valued. I am happy to see the direction, growth and expansion the company is taking. It employs more people than when I first started and those who are new have a good, working knowledge of the industry. I trust they will continue to take this company in a positive direction.”


“There could not be another company that motivates me in so many ways. The loyalty, travel, 401k, vacation time, and medical insurance help make Colt the #1 framing company in the country…”
© 2021 Colt Builders Corp
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