A Legacy of Skilled Labor & Strong Relationships

Pre-Colt before 2004

Prior to 2004, the prelude to Colt’s inception was established by a group of experienced framers in Canada. In the early years, Colt created a long-lasting relationship with a general contractor specializing in Independent Living Retirement Communities. Through the years Colt has constructed over 400 senior retirement buildings. The strong relationships have continued along with many new and exciting relationships.
Colt Builders

2004 – 2011

Colt Builders was founded in 2004. Colt’s early days were made up of a great group of framers, management, and a customer that desired Colt’s expertise on their jobs throughout the country. During this time Colt primarily worked for one major account and kept a great relationship over the years. With the onset of the 2008 great recession there was a desire to take the company in a new direction. With a platform poised for growth and access to a national established account with experienced field crews– management was reaching out to new leadership with a desire to add new opportunities and direction.

Colt Builders

2011 – Today

After working through the ranks in the framing industry, and gaining valuable field and management experience, Glen Yates acquired majority ownership of Colt Builders in 2011. At the time, Glen took leadership over a small company that was poised for growth.

After years of operational responsibility at another framing company, Glen saw the opportunity for Colt to expand the wood frame construction community to a nationwide network. Glen took the framework he had acquired and started to build an exceptional team.

It was always an interesting mix of key people being attracted to Colt and new opportunities opening up. As opportunities started to unfold it made sense that if Colt could frame and service one national senior living account – why couldn’t Colt use this same model with multifamily developments? Well of course Colt could and did! Starting with projects in Stamford CT and moving to Phoenix AZ and Austin TX – Colt took on some amazing projects with new accounts and is still proud to work for them to this day.

Colt could not frame these huge jobs without amazing people and building a regional model. Colt built an infrastructure based around Regional General Managers (RGM’s) that run and deliver their projects at a local level. Not only is our motto real – it’s thriving “national reach – local management.” Colt can deliver its national brand with a regional touch and understanding of each region’s specific needs.

Colt has attracted some of the greatest talent in the industry. Too many names to mention specifically – but with a focus on internal development and training as well as being augmented with some professional hires from the outside Development, GC and Accounting world, Colt has assembled a team that’s second to none.

The bevy of talent spans the company including an experienced estimating department, a fantastic and knowledgeable field team, a construction CFO, full time Director of Risk Management and dynamite administrative staff to name a few.



The structures we build are as dependable as the people who make it all happen.



We believe accidents and injuries are always preventable. That’s why we continuously review our safety management systems and protocols to consistently achieve our “zero injuries” goal.